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iOS 6
iOS 6, once again, everything changes. All devices with A4 processor can be jailbroken via the limera1n exploit (bootrom exploit), at least tethered. All other devices will need to wait for new exploits. But it is important to properly prepare the iOS 6 update. Who does not do this, can never go back to the untethered iOS jailbreak jump back 5-versions.

Tonight at 19:00 clock Apple will release the new version of firmware iOS 6 for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad 3 and the iPod touch 4G. Apple's new iOS update brings a new (separate) 3D Maps app with navigation solution, a better iCloud integration, Siri for the iPad, a Facebook integration, new Apple apps such as Passbook and updates to Siri. Apple added a total of 200 new features added to iOS 6 compared to iOS 5.

However must Jailbreaker and Unlocker especially careful. An update can both destroy! Especially the easy upgrade path via OTA (Over The Air) ensures that thousands of iOS fans will update quickly without knowing the risks.

Preparations for iOS hit 6 Update

All who wish to update to iOS 6 (whether Jailbreaker Unlocker or neither) should definitely make a backup of your device. Without this, all data would be lost if it comes to errors when updating. Via iTunes or iCloud backup is extremely easy!
iOS 6 App Store
iOS 6 App Store
Furthermore, you had better already download the new iOS 6-compatible version of iTunes 10.7. Only this is capable of managing an iOS device 6.

Anyone who relies on no unlock and does not require a jailbreak that is with these two points already prepared enough and can look forward to the release at 19:00 clock.

Jailbreaker beware

Jailbreaker for the world looks different though. Also jailbreak iOS 6 buffs should note the two previous notes. In addition, however, was told that only a tethered jailbreak will soon be available for all devices with A4 processor.

For iOS 6 release also no 100% bug free iOS version of Cydia Store will be available. First tests with the beta versions of iOS 6 showed, however, that Cydia is already innately compatible with the new firmware. Furthermore, we would like to point out that at present only a few Cydia apps have been adapted to iOS 6th However, most of iOS 5 apps will run with the new firmware.

For iOS 6 release are not only Apple's download servers overloaded, but also DIEA Cydia repos. Accordingly, it will be hard for all desired Cydia apps to download today evening can.

Furthermore, it is important to secure the SHSH blobs and the AP of the old ticket iOS 5 version. It offers the possibility of being able at any time to downgrade to the old version. This one is even after iOS 6 update does not necessarily bound to the new version, but you can easily try it some time. We recommend to secure the SHSH blobs and the AP tickets iFaith (but only up to iOS 5.0.1 possible). However, the whole thing is also possible via TinyUmbrella 6.0.

Unlocker should be more careful

Unlocker should of course never update using Apple's iOS update features on the 6th An update via OTA (Over The Air) function as well as through iTunes updatet your baseband. This is crucial to give a successful unlock, Install Siri on iPhone 4.

Who wants to update to iOS as Unlocker 6 (6 to iOS a try), which MUST make the update via the Custom Rom function of redsn0w. Only then updatet not the baseband. This does not mean that the unlock will work on iOS 6th Appleberry, the developer of the Gevey card warns explicitly against an iOS 6 update. Apple could incorporate it into the final version of iOS new safety technologies that prevent an unlock via Gevey SIM cards. The same is true for SAM and ultrasn0w-Unlocker.

Ensures you make pit your Activation ticket. > Instructions


All servers will be released for iOS 6 is completely overloaded. This applies forthe download servers from Apple as well as the server of the Cydia Store and Cydia repos. There is therefore a lot of patience will be needed!

Create Backup
  • iTunes 10.7 Download
  • Save SHSH blobs and AP ticket: for Jailbreaker AND Unlocker
  • Suppl. Ticket securing Acitvation: for Unlocker
With respect to an iOS. 6 jailbreak for devices with A5-/A5X-/A6-Prozessor and an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 devices all we will let you know after the iOS 6 Release As always, you can us with questions (preferably via Facebook) welcome to contact!
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