First JavaScript benchmark of the iPhone 5 - SunSpider v0.9.1

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A new test of the A6 processor of iPhone 5 has produced a very good result in the SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark tool. The A6 SoC (System on a Chip) trumps even Intel's Medfield Atom Z2460. However, this benchmark is not very meaningful. There is an initial indication that the former problems of the Cortex A9 Memory Interface in the A6 chip that is probably on
its own processor core design, fixes are.

The test was conducted with SunSpider v0.9.1 by AnandTech on an iPhone 5 review copy. The values ​​that you can see in the following screen shot, relate to the processing time of the benchmarks and are in milliseconds. The lower the value, the more he is so bessser.

The iPhone 5 intersects significantly better than the Lava Xolo X900 Intel. This is powered by an Intel Atom Z2460 Penwell SoC, which is based on the Medfield platform. However, it said this: SunSpider is not really suitable for smartphones. However, he is an impressive example of the problems ARM Cortex A9 Memory Interface. Ultimately, who are also the reason why Intel's Atom chips can poke your ARM-based SoCs slightly in SunSpider.
SunSpider Javascript iPhone 5
SunSpider Javascript iPhone 5
This is probably just as well have been the reason why Apple decided probably for its own ARMv7 processor design for the A6 chip, rather than put on ARM Cortex A15 cores. Also known GeekBench benchmark the iPhone 5 intersects the way very well.

(Source: AnandTech)
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  1. The largest flaw I see (and the reason I just bought a droid4) is Apple's refusal to allow upgradeable memory. Any droid you can add memory simply by plugging in a new, inexpensive card. If you run out of space on your iPhone you have to buy a whole new freakin phone.


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