Even without official SIM Nano 1 & 1 for iPhone 5

iPhone 5 1&1 nano sim
Officially, you can not use iPhone 5 with a duty of service provider 1 and the first If you want a  iPhone 5 has be. purchase, but it can make it anyway. Therefore, it is only necessary to cut the SIM to Micro Nano-SIM size. For instructions and you will have a comparison after the break.

The iPhone 5 may only be operated with a nano-SIM card. This is for 1 & 1 is currently unavailable. Who the unit still want to use this power, the Micr SIM card can easily turn into a nano-SIM. A guide to creating the nano-SIM, we have made ​​available to you.
iPhone 5 White
iPhone 5 White
1 & 1 offers really cheap rates. Gives the Allnet Flat with you. Already for 39,99 € However, you should better the prices are immediately attracted. Unlike O2 Vodafone and Telecom 1und1 offers iPhone 5 that is not in the charges.
iPhone 5 Black
iPhone 5 Black
Since the iPhone 5 have to be purchased for the full price with a licensed dealer. Also pay attention to the fact that your iPhone 5 Netlock / Simock is free. Currently there is no unlock for the device.

We also offer a price comparison between 1 & 1 and the provider Telekom, Vodafone and O2. Compare prices before you buy! Usually worthwhile.
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