Call for app updates for iPhone 5 and iOS 6

iOS 6
Apple released the iPhone 5 according to Keynote the Golden Master (GM) of iOS 6th The GM version is the last beta before the final release. The release of iOS 6 for all users will be on 19 September done. With the launch of iOS 6 all app developers are encouraged to set their app updates for the latest firmware on the AppStore.

The developers are going to adapt their apps not only to the latest iOS version 6 and its new APIs and functions, but also on the larger screen of the iPhone 5 This grows by 176 pixels in height, reaching a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels.
iOS 6 for iPhone 5
iOS 6 for iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 5-interviewed during the development of some trustworthy, selected app developers, whether adaptation of apps is a challenge to the new height. This confirmed the Copertino however, that prepare little difficulty in adapting old apps to the new resolution.

New iPhone 5 use iOS 6 

Apps made with the iPhone 5 release have not been updated on the unit's display are, but nevertheless work. In this case, the left and right or up and down, a black border is set. The app is centered here in the middle of the screen. Of course this will not work but really like iOS.

iPhone 5 used iOS 5 for App Store

Apple recalls the app developers in the call also to the new Facebook integration from iOS 6, the new camera APIs and new features for reminders, in-app purchases and Game Center. All of these features are to be exploited in order to create the best apps can.
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