And 'possible to confuse an iPhone with a Samsung?

iPhone 4S and samsung Galaxy S3
Perhaps not everyone knows about Susan Kare, the woman who designed the icons for the Macintosh, a respectable person and known for its excellent work. Now, as Susan would say to the judge presiding over the case vs. Apple. Samsung, which once herself, by mistake, took a Samsung phone instead of his iPhone seems to me a an absurdity.

For those who know the two smartphones outside, it appears that are unmistakable. An iPhone 4 can be recognized at first sight and you can not confuse it with a Samsung or any other phone. Even an iPhone 3 is still different from any other phone that is not a Chinese clone. It 's true, smartphones today are very functions, but no luck yet aesthetically. Simply do a tap on your iPhone or Samsung to understand the difference between the two mobile devices. Personally recognize an iPhone just by touch, which is the latest model or an old one. At this point I ask myself and I ask you, And 'possible to confuse an iPhone device with Samsung? My answer is no, what is your?
iPhone 4S and Samsung
iPhone 4S and Samsung 
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