The supposed iPhone 5 alongside the Samsung Galaxy SIII [Video]

 iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII
While the next iPhone is expected in September, the studio AnimatedVisual compiled all available information about the design of the iPhone 5 to make a video less than one minute putting side by side iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII. 3D rendering shows the iPhone 4/4S line as we know, and a screen that begins to approach those furiously Samsung (there are pros
and cons ).
With these lines supposedly true, Apple's smartphone is good to its counterpart Samsung, its connector charging / sync is also smaller. Besides the many internal differences to be expected between the two machines. End of this year will be the opportunity of a tough fight between the two firms, other than in the courts . Note that Samsung has already sold 10 million Galaxy SIII.

Video to iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3

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