The Apple TV could be used in future for Cable Television

Apple TV
News in sight for one of the least talked-about devices in the world but that Apple might bring the big surprises in the near future, this is the Apple TV and according to sources close to the company, the same would be in talks with major cable operators in the United States to allow the own device to be used as a decoder for watching live programs and other types of content.

This move represents a sea change in Apple strategy with a more cooperative approach regarding the distribution media, in contrast with the licensing model, which until now has been used to iTunes.
An source like the Wall Street Journal reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook recently met with Time Warner Cable chief executive Glenn Britt in Idaho last month during a press conference. The leaders of these distribution companies until a few months ago were not very interested in bringing content on Apple TV, a device considered second-rate compared to the interest that they may have in the lead content of the most popular devices like iPhone or iPad.
 Apple CEO Tim Cook
 Apple CEO Tim Cook
Another potential obstacle appears to be Apple's share of 30 percent of transactions initiated through an Apple device, in addition to this the Cupertino-based company wants exclusivity from the partners, however, open content distribution to all their device. What is unclear is whether these talks are focused on current devices like the Apple TV can be, or you might have a device to be incorporated into a television future to Jailbreak Apple TV 3 .
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