Start of production for the 7.85-inch retina display

iPhone 5
End of this year we expect a new iPhone 5 generation, a new iPod nano and an iPad Mini. Apple-related sources are now reporting from a production start for the display of the iPad Mini. If the reports are true, this would be the first evidence for the existence of smaller iPad.
Together with the upcoming iPhone 5 is also a new iPad will be published. This, by the Media "iPad Mini" said apparatus, has a
smaller 7.85-inch touch screen and will cost just $ 299. This would make the iPad Mini seventh in direct competition with the Kindle and the new Fire Nexus
So far there is no real evidence that such a product will really come, even if the WSJ reported earlier this month about incipient production preparations. However, CNET now reports a production start for the 7.85-inch display. The sources of CNET's supposed to have learned that mass production will start in August. More than one million displays per month to be delivered by September / October.

An exact release date has not yet been put in experience. The idea of the iPad Mini is on 12 September conducted along with the iPhone 5 Keynote.

via cnet
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