P0sixninja, iOS hacker, to Jailbreak iPhone iOS 5.1.1 from the Chronic Dev-Team

p0sixninjaThe great hacker Joshua Hill, known in the community as p0sixninja, announced late yesterday his intention to leave the Chronic Dev-Team, a group of hackers who had created some years ago and which was, until now, considered the leader undisputed ...
His work has led, among other achievements, to Jailbreak iPhone iOS 5.1.1 through Absinthe tool, which we have
prepared a guide a few months ago.
At the present state of things, we do not know what the real reasons behind his decision. In a later tweet, Hill unleashes many doubts doing it all seem a matter of money, but sources close to the Team reported that the situation is more complicated!

Here are two tweets p0sixninja:

Joshua Hill
Joshua Hill
We can not imagine, right now, what is the future of Joshua Hill (with his talent, there is no challenge that can scare), but I'm sure to hear much more of him! Among other things, next month to participate JailbreakCon, then at that time we will know definitely something more about the matter!
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