Nobody is working on an Apple TV 3 Jailbreak - pod2g tweeted

Apple TV 3
pod2g tweeted today a very disappointing news. According to him, currently not a hacker working on a jailbreak iOS 5.X for the Apple TV 3 The latest generation of Apple TV (1080p) is used in contrast to his predecessor, a new chip set, so that the Limera1n bottom exploit can not be used.
If you have an Apple TV 3 owners, the long waiting for a
jailbreak, we have to tell you this is a disappointing news. According to the well-known hacker pod2g (developer of the absinthe-jailbreak) is currently not known Jailbreak on Apple TV 3.
The reason for this may be relatively simple. So far, all overthrow of course, to the latest IOS version, IOS 6th This is to be published this fall (probably along with the iPhone 5 in September). The beta versions of IOS 6 are not yet (officially) jailbreak bar untethered. So far, the iPhone Dev Team just released tethered jailbreak for all devices with A4 processors. For this, the Limera1n bottom exploit is used. This chip set exploit that unfortunately permits only a tethered jailbreak will work for life.
pod2g tweeted
pod2g tweeted 
Hopes of an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 we can but have only user-level layer. iOS 6 user land exploits were found, however, according to some statements of known IOS Jailbreak already. These are, of course, but published only for the release of IOS 6, otherwise Apple would have the opportunity to close the security holes found early.
The exploits have found does not necessarily work well for the Apple TV. Finally, this has only a stripped down version of IOS with fewer functions and accordingly fewer attacks. Yet one must not give up hope for a iOS 5.X, 6.X later iOS Jailbreak Apple TV 3. You still need a lot of patience.
Please continue to fall not fall for fake notifications. If a pending Apple TV 3 or jailbreak is released, you will experience it with us immediately. Follow us on Facebook so quickly and is always up2date.
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