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 SMS to iPhone 4S
Company Apple iPhone is considered one of the safest devices in to the world. but this is not true . French hacker Pod2g revealed omission in SMS to iPhone 4S. This problem it is very big . many hackers in to the world is possible to exploit this flaw in iPhone , to receive sms how [ fishing ]. Pod2g reveals in detail how how work this hacking system. He explains that SMS in to between two mobile device exchanged few  
bytes of data . Pod2g in Dev Blog tells a user a write a SMS is convert to PDU format. PDU it is problem , this is protocol which sending file and open this file SMS.

Pod2g this info tells in to Twiter profile after some days. 

Sms to iPhone from Apple it is not reliable.
Pod2g SMS
Pod2g SMS 
This problem appears when you recive a message . when a open this SMS hackers it sending , possibilities it is a website fishing . This is one of the problems you a can appear . Can some companies sending a spam , some text files , and more and more.
Pod2g hacking sms
Pod2g hacking sms 
This problem is not resolved of the first iPhone . and now it is to new iOS 6 same problem . Maybe  in to next time in ios update, Apple is resolved this problem?
More info in to Dev Blog Pod2g.

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