iPhone 5 with processor A6 - New images of hardware

A6 Chip
Among the many rumors in recent months we have seen in relation network between the iPhone 5 news, images and so on, has never spoken specifically what type of processor may be installed on this new smartphone from Apple. We talked about the display, dock connector, speaker, head phone jack, rear houses, and much more but there is no specific reference in respect of the processor.

But in some pictures posted online recently by Sonny Dickson show a logic board in which appears a chip that shows the words A6, this could mean that the iPhone 5 could have a next-generation Apple A6.
iPhone 5 for A6 chip
iPhone 5 for A6 chip 
The processor is definitely one of the most important parts in a device, the real engine to allow the operating system and the various functions to be faster and smoother, Apple has so far given no indication of what kind of chip could be used on the sixth-generation iPhone we talked a few months ago that the possible use of the A5X installed third-generation iPad, but now in vogue rise to rumors that Apple would push the power with the new A6 chip.
The new A6 chip
The new A6 chip
The image seen so far online motherboard was not possible to understand the type of chip installed present view the shield to cover the processor in the pictures today instead such shielding is no longer present and the chip itself is clearly visible the words A6.

Video of the iPhone 5 A6 chip present

In addition to these images were posted online even more images on a comparison of the hardware parts of the iPhone 4S with the iPhone 5 and the new dock connector that will become the new standard on Apple iOS devices.

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