iPhone 5 Compared With iPhone 4S New Display and Flex Cables [VIDEO]

iPhone 5
iPhone 5 it is very different of iPhone 4S . Dear readers , JailbreakSet today will show video of new design from iPhone 5. everything is different of iPhone 4S, volume button , power button, display it is more big, and cable connector is very good . This video show everything it is different in vey good details. This video is coming of Smartphone Medic. Check it out below:

The new iPhone 5 is the best Mobile phone in to the world  of this time. Apple is favorite of people . The company Apple in one time show that is is better from samsung Galaxy S3. Now what Samsung will present in the future, perhaps Galaxy S4 will be better from iPhone 5?

The video for new iPhone 5 design 

The new pin connector will have 8 pin , of today is used ios 30 pin. iPhone 4S and 5 is different desing flexes. Display is very great , it is not very very big how Galaxy S3 but is little big of iPhone 4S.
iPhone 5 Flex Cables
iPhone 5 Flex Cables 
Now iPhone 5 in to new generation of mobile phone , processor for this phone is A5X and 1GB RAM , how new iPad . We'll have wait in to 12 September to lock real new details for iPhone 5 .
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