iPhone 5 Chinese clone that uses the Android System

iPhone 5
We are all anxious to know the design and the actual characteristics of the next generation iPhone 5, and although in the meantime we can already reveal its Chinese clone that runs Android.
This copy is called iPhone 5 Goophone i5 and has more the appearance of a prototype of the next generation iPhone. The
Android operating system installed with a particular theme to look like the real Apple iOS found on iPhone iPod Touch and iPad.

Specification of this copy iPhone 5

Although rumors speak of a 4-inch screen, the smartphone has a 3.5-inch display curious with a resolution of 940 × 640 pixels. The materials used are those that speak different rumors.
 iPhone 5 clone
 iPhone 5 clone
The main camera has a resolution of 5 mega pixels, while the front camera has 1.3 mega pixels. The processor is a 1GHz ARM Cortex MT6575 and is equipped with 512 MB of RAM ... in short, a pale copy of dressed like a iPhone 4S iPhone 5.
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  1. Hello,iPhone 5 clone may be better than the real thing.But the device requires 5 times the power just to run, so really your getting crap, it doesn't matter if it is ten cores, android gets more and more bloated as devices get better specs. so really androids only look amazing on paper but not in real life use,iPhone and iOS however manages to run better then android on less specs, and works a lot better in real life.?
    Have a good journey with original iPhone.



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