iPad Mini: will be thin, light and narrow - from Apple

 iPod touch from 7.2 mm thick
Among the new reports have emerged on the net in the final hours of providing interesting information on what will be the alleged new iPad Mini that Apple could introduce by the end of 2012.
These rumors suggest that the device will have a fairly narrow, more than you might think looking like very far from this point of view to an iPod touch from 7.2 mm thick. The device in all its
shape could represented a sort of iPod Touch large with narrow frames along the sides of the device coupled with the classic frames views so far as regards the upper and lower part.
This design allows you to differentiate from other mini tablet such as Nexus 7-7-inch Kindle and Fire because a conformation similar would be ideal for our pockets and purses, all but with a 4:3 screen very functional, but beyond this device due to lack of on the sides would be very convenient to handle.
iPad Mini
iPad Mini
The relationship continues to speculate that the mini iPad will offer at least a front camera and, perhaps, the connectivity of LTE models, and lack of leaks hardware parts shown in the network suggests that the release, there are still several months and that the device at a stage of completion is more bitter than the iPhone 5.
Other information comes in regarding the size of the device, which would be a cross between the normal and the iPad, iPod Touch from Apple, in fact, some analysts argue that the estimate of the size of the mini iPad could be about 200 x 135 mm , only slightly larger than the Nexus 7 Google, all while having a screen of 0.85 inches bigger in diagonal, an enterprise made possible by the narrow side frames introduced the mini iPad.
iPad Mini
iPad Mini - Apple
But with a thickness very close to that of the iPod touch, the mini iPad would be one third thinner than the Nexus 7 and then have a third of the volume and weight less. Comparing this with the weight of the Nexus 7, equal to 340 grams, the mini iPad might weigh only 265 grams, marking a significant weight saving compared to full-size iPad, while maintaining a reasonable size with regard to the display.
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