Insiders confirm iPhone 5 release in September [iLab's ]

iPhone 5
iPhone 5 components of the device will be a roll out in September. In order to confirm the industrial sources also rumors recently surfaced on the iPhone 5 keynote, allegedly on 12 September, will take place.
According to a new report from Apple Insider, the next-generation iPhone, which we call the iPhone Flagmen 5, rather than the iPhone 4S published last year. So give to the inside
sources that the device will be released in September 2012. This statement is consistent with previous rumors that the iPhone Keynote 5 on 12 Release on 21 September and the September, will take place.
A few days ago, however, came first to speculation that there might not be sufficient for September in cell touch panels are available. The "reliable industry sources" Apple Insider, however, deny these rumors. You agree, however, that the production of Sharp and LG alone is not sufficient to meet the demand for displays. In combination with the stocks of JDI but will for the third quarter of 2012, 14 to 18 million in Cell Touch screens are available - or in other words, plenty of screens for an iPhone 5 release.
iPhone 5 release in September
iPhone 5 release in September
Furthermore, the sources confirm that there will be two different iPhone 5-color versions (what a surprise) and the newly surfaced 3D renderings (Martin Hajek | Help Invest) is very 'authentic' or realistic. All evidence thus suggests that assembled together iLab's iPhone 5 (top) or individually surfaced housing parts are actually true.
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