In to new iOS 6 beta 4 Application You Tube disappear, does not appear

From iOS 6 beta 4
From iOS 6 beta 4, released Monday evening for developers, the native YouTube app has been removed! The news did not surprise us that much, it is well known fact that Apple is trying to remove as much as possible from the next Google IOS firmware! The thing, frankly, could also be positive!
The news was dug out of the team always ready to 9to5Mac and is already doing around the world.

The YouTube App is present on the iPhone since its launch in 2007. Before then, watch a video on a mobile device was anything but simple. It was also tried Flash, but it turned a failed attempt! Now that video is mostly in H.264, the YouTube app is no longer necessary. Actually, it is much more convenient to use the YouTube browser, but the ideal thing would be a YouTube app developed directly from Google!
You Tube disappear
You Tube disappear
More over, this hatred perennial dependence between Apple and Google has the Google-Powered Applications resulting substantially better on Android devices. Just think of the maps: Apple has remained steady with the Native App Google Android received maps and more accurate and functional, so that Apple was forced to crearsene a new one. Same goes for YouTube App, the only difference being that in this case Apple does not develop any app to manage this service.

A few hours ago also came the official announcement from Apple:

The license to use the YouTube App for iPhone iOS has expired. Users can use YouTube through Safari and Google is already working on a new YouTube application which will be available in the App Store.
Owners of Apple TV, which has neither the App Store or other similar applications, they can think of using the AirPlay, provided of course that they have another iDevice!
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