AT & T would provide the new iPhone for late September

iPhone 5
In direct with our article on pre-order the new iPhone (read: New iPhone: pre-orders on September 12?), BGR announced that the U.S. operator AT & T, Apple's senior partner, provides the date launch of the next smartphone of Cupertino in late-September (third or fourth week). Moreover, another source within AT & T reports that the operator has mobilized its
employees to be trained about a "major product". The product in question has not been revealed but given the time period, there is no doubt that we are indeed talking about the new iPhone.
 AT & T, Apple's iPhone 5
 AT & T, Apple's iPhone 5
For its part, announced earlier iMore the arrival of the sacred for September 21. That day is the third week of September. The sources of each therefore reach their act together to report the same information about the release date. Now the cards are in the hands of Apple that can make a very good part in coming up with . And info to Unlock iPhone 5 free
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