Appears on the official website AppleStore Mini Dock Connector Converter

Apple decides
One of the innovations in the future, according to rumors is the iPhone dock connector smaller than that reported in the current device. If Apple decides to introduce this feature will probably also make an adapter for users, in this way will not have to reacquire all the accessories.
The rumors state that the new dock connector and 8 pin. Today the channel through YouTube a guy made ​​a video in which he
shows the adapter available for purchase directly from the official site of Cupertino.
Through his blog has published several photos of the adapter and also reported the address of the page which the boy for a short time Apple has made visible the accessory. The page is no longer accessible but you also raise you to return the adapter compatibility:
AppleStore Mini Dock Connector Converter
AppleStore Mini Dock Connector Converter

Here also the words written below the image:

You can see the iPhone 6. Generation (5/The iPhone again) that seems to have a display and the camera is located at the center of the device. Even the iPod Touch 5. Generation is endowed with these new display. iPod Nano remains the same. But the third generation iPad seems to have an update and a new smaller model.
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