Appears in the alleged network of cart for the new iPhone Nano SIM

Nano SIM
With the recent news that many European carriers are acquiring inventory of new Nano SIM for the testing on their networks, a French blog has shown images depicting a carriage for these SIM Nano that could be used on the next iPhone 5 Apple.
The Cupertino-based company, owner of the patent approved by ETSI of this new technology Nano Bm, which will soon
become standard for all mobile devices, could be the first to introduce this new standard in its forthcoming iPhone 5, expected in the autumn months of this 2012.
From the news appeared on the network a French blog says that the operators of this nation, they would be segundo strong supply of SIM just in Nano Viata release dle new Apple device.
Cupertino-based company
Cupertino-based company
The image of the new trolley comes from the chain of production in China, and Apple would be forced to obtain as much of this standard SIM Nano design process ensures the opportunity for their engineers to further taper the device, gaining space from the size reduction Dell card.
standard SIM Nano
standard SIM Nano
In addition to the news relatively to the new cart iPhone 5, the images have been posted also relative to a possible new home button which would appear slightly smaller than that previously used on the iPhone 4S.
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