iPhone 5 with processor A6 - New images of hardware

A6 Chip
Among the many rumors in recent months we have seen in relation network between the iPhone 5 news, images and so on, has never spoken specifically what type of processor may be installed on this new smartphone from Apple. We talked about the display, dock connector, speaker, head phone jack, rear houses, and much more but there is no specific reference in respect of the processor.

The iOS App Store has been updated in iOS 6 beta

iPhone 4S App Store
The iOS App Store has been updated a few hours ago in iOS 6 beta, acquiring a brand new layout for search results. The change affects both the Store and the Store iPad iPhone. The search layout based on the cards marks a further step away from the App Store for iOS 5!
As you can see from the picture below, the current window from the App Store for iOS 5, which shows many App gathered in

New photos of the components of the future iPhone 5

iPhone 5
The announcement expected in September 12 which would have the new iPhone 5 in the world, does not seem to hide anything to the people of the web. A new proof of this fact are the recent pictures today published on the website iResQ, which opened a veritable portrait gallery where is each component that is able to get comply doing individually and fully

Apple Add new iTunes Festival in to Apple TV [Update]

iTunes Festival
Apple has quietly added a new application on your Apple TV to second and third generation after the introduction of surprise, today we see appear the new application "iTunes Festival" dedicated to the iTunes festival, which takes place in September and which provides the involvement of more than 60 artists.
The 30 nights of live music from the Roundhouse in London will

Step by Step how to Replace the Battery of your iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S
If you have ever wondered how you can replace the battery of an iPhone 4S need or curiosity, today we're going to see a tutorial that shows how to open operation with all relevant steps to follow.
Of course, the opening of the device to perform any repair or modification can and will void the warranty of your Apple

iPhone 5 Chinese clone that uses the Android System

iPhone 5
We are all anxious to know the design and the actual characteristics of the next generation iPhone 5, and although in the meantime we can already reveal its Chinese clone that runs Android.
This copy is called iPhone 5 Goophone i5 and has more the appearance of a prototype of the next generation iPhone. The

Add functionality to the power button with PowerOptions

As you know, it is impossible to natively perform a fast reboot of his iDevice. The salt option is to turn the unit off using the power button, then back through the same button.
PowerOptions tweak allows you to add new features to your power button. When you are on the springboard of your device or in an application and you keep and hold the power button, a new menu will offer you. Here are three options that you can run

Separate presentation of iPhone 5 and iOS 6 iPad mini / iPod nano

 iPhone 5
This year we expect probably three new Apple devices: iPhone 5, iPad Mini and a new iPod nano. It is reasonable to assume that devices are not present in a single event. So first could the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 and subsequently the iPad Mini will be introduced along with the new iPod nano.
Based on John Gruber's report (on Daring Fireball) many other

iPhone 5 Compared With iPhone 4S New Display and Flex Cables [VIDEO]

iPhone 5
iPhone 5 it is very different of iPhone 4S . Dear readers , JailbreakSet today will show video of new design from iPhone 5. everything is different of iPhone 4S, volume button , power button, display it is more big, and cable connector is very good . This video show everything it is different in vey good details. This video is coming of Smartphone Medic. Check it out below:

iPhone 5 is coming in September, German carrier announces date

iPhone 5
iPhone 5 is coming in September . This is real information, but Apple not present new date to promotion. Many carrier in to the world present date to promotion iPhone 5, this is 12 September. To this date it is two weeks but Apple not confirms date .
The German wireless carrier Mobilecom Debitel this date present today. iPhone 5 is coming of 12 September. This

The supposed iPhone 5 alongside the Samsung Galaxy SIII [Video]

 iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII
While the next iPhone is expected in September, the studio AnimatedVisual compiled all available information about the design of the iPhone 5 to make a video less than one minute putting side by side iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII. 3D rendering shows the iPhone 4/4S line as we know, and a screen that begins to approach those furiously Samsung (there are pros

How to Unlock your iPhone Baseband 04.12.01 easily and safely

 unlock iPhone
The company Apple is to many strong . A hacker many time is try to unlock iPhone . Apple is blocked all attempts . Dear readers for me it is not possible iPhone to unlock free. Apple is big company and is very strong . I will be very brief in this post . How to explained iPhone to unlock free it is not possible. Now i show you how to unlock iPhone 5  for Factory unlock for all

iPhone SMS is Hacking for all iOS systems - Pod2g

 SMS to iPhone 4S
Company Apple iPhone is considered one of the safest devices in to the world. but this is not true . French hacker Pod2g revealed omission in SMS to iPhone 4S. This problem it is very big . many hackers in to the world is possible to exploit this flaw in iPhone , to receive sms how [ fishing ]. Pod2g reveals in detail how how work this hacking system. He explains that SMS in to between two mobile device exchanged few  

Jailbreak Apple TV 3 could use well-known Absinthe 2.0 Exploit

Apple TV 3
P0sixninja the chronic dev team says goodbye but not entirely from the jailbreak community. To jailbreak it is active but not anymore. Nevertheless, in his latest tweets he confirmed that the Apple TV 3 is relatively easy jailbreakbar well, since Apple has not yet closed an important Absinthe 2.0 exploit. However, you should ensure you (as always) beware (forthcoming) firmware update for Apple TV 3.

The Apple TV could be used in future for Cable Television

Apple TV
News in sight for one of the least talked-about devices in the world but that Apple might bring the big surprises in the near future, this is the Apple TV and according to sources close to the company, the same would be in talks with major cable operators in the United States to allow the own device to be used as a decoder for watching live programs and other types of content.

iPad Mini: will be thin, light and narrow - from Apple

 iPod touch from 7.2 mm thick
Among the new reports have emerged on the net in the final hours of providing interesting information on what will be the alleged new iPad Mini that Apple could introduce by the end of 2012.
These rumors suggest that the device will have a fairly narrow, more than you might think looking like very far from this point of view to an iPod touch from 7.2 mm thick. The device in all its

AT & T would provide the new iPhone for late September

iPhone 5
In direct with our article on pre-order the new iPhone (read: New iPhone: pre-orders on September 12?), BGR announced that the U.S. operator AT & T, Apple's senior partner, provides the date launch of the next smartphone of Cupertino in late-September (third or fourth week). Moreover, another source within AT & T reports that the operator has mobilized its

Guide Installation NitoTV and XBMC on Apple TV 2G

Apple TV
After seeing a few hours ago how to untethered jailbreak on Apple TV with software SeasOnPass 2G, now we will see instead the installation of NitoTV and more on XBMC Apple TV second generation.
These are packages of additional programs and functions which by default on Apple TV without jailbreak we will not go to install. So we see this install guide.

Guide to Jailbreak the Apple TV 2G SeasOnPass [windows]

Jailbreak the Apple TV 2G SeasOnPass
Today we will see a guide to perform the untethered jailbreak on Apple TV second-generation iPhone iOS 5.0.2 SeasOnPass using the program on the Windows platform.
As we have seen a few days ago, when bad guys are working to jailbreak the 3G Apple TV, but this second generation is jailbreak so untethered by following the directions we're going to bring you the following within the article.

Unlocked: pod2g working on the baseband of the iPhone 4S

 baseband of the iPhone 4S
The famous French hacker pod2g, to whom we owe the untethered jailbreak the latest version of IOS (5.1.1), has probably not finished shaking the world of jailbreaking via his Twitter account. Having disappointed the (few) people interested in an untethered jailbreak for Apple TV [Read: Jailbreak the AppleTV 3: nobody is on the stroke], it is this time much more happy!

Nobody is working on an Apple TV 3 Jailbreak - pod2g tweeted

Apple TV 3
pod2g tweeted today a very disappointing news. According to him, currently not a hacker working on a jailbreak iOS 5.X for the Apple TV 3 The latest generation of Apple TV (1080p) is used in contrast to his predecessor, a new chip set, so that the Limera1n bottom exploit can not be used.
If you have an Apple TV 3 owners, the long waiting for a

Permanent factory unlocked iPhone 4 baseband 11.04.08 or 04.12.01 for all carrier

 factory unlock iPhone for all baseband
Finally I want to present the factory unlock iPhone for all baseband. My readers Jailbreak set constantly get requests from readers to find to unlock iPhone 4 on baseband 11.04.08 or 12.04.01 for all carrier. Many hackers tried to unlock the iPhone but it was shot. One of the many common questions readers was how to unlock iPhone 4 baseband 04.11.08 or

Tethered Jailbreak iOS 6 Beta 4 available with Redsn0w 0.9.13dev3

 jailbreak iOS 6 beta 4
Since the release of IOS 6 beta 3, the Dev-Team offers Redsn0w  0.9.13dev3 Tethered Jailbreak for your equipment (only the iPod touch 4G, iPhone 3G and iPhone 4). Good news, this version is also compatible with the beta 4.
As a reminder, a tethered Jailbreak requires the user to have a computer nearby if he wants to rekindle his camera. Indeed, whenever the machine in question is off, it is necessary to re-

In to new iOS 6 beta 4 Application You Tube disappear, does not appear

From iOS 6 beta 4
From iOS 6 beta 4, released Monday evening for developers, the native YouTube app has been removed! The news did not surprise us that much, it is well known fact that Apple is trying to remove as much as possible from the next Google IOS firmware! The thing, frankly, could also be positive!
The news was dug out of the team always ready to 9to5Mac and is already doing around the world.

Thus the iPhone 5 could look like when it is held in the hand

 iPhone 5
As every year, do not miss our forthcoming model concept creations iPhone. All of this speculation was related to an elongated iPhone with a screen of almost 4 ,and rezolucijuom 640th of 1136 × Speaking of the resolution. The team from 9to5mac yesterday played with the IOS simulator, a basic conclusion of this exercise was to iOS 6 can automatically adjust the screen resolution used by devices that do know these

Appears on the official website AppleStore Mini Dock Connector Converter

Apple decides
One of the innovations in the future, according to rumors is the iPhone dock connector smaller than that reported in the current device. If Apple decides to introduce this feature will probably also make an adapter for users, in this way will not have to reacquire all the accessories.
The rumors state that the new dock connector and 8 pin. Today the channel through YouTube a guy made ​​a video in which he

Apple releases iPhone iOS 6 beta 4 to developers

iPhone iOS 6 beta 4
A few minutes ago Apple released to developers a new beta version of its new operating system iPhone iOS 6, which brings us to the new beta 4.
This will be the operating system that will equip the new iPhone and will be released as a major update for all previous devices, the date of release should coincide with the launch event of the new Apple smartphone. Apple is currently testing this new

MuscleNerd confirms that it is possible to jailbreak iPhone iOS 6 beta 4 with RedSn0w

iPhone iOS 6  beta
After the release by Apple of the fourth beta of iPhone iOS 6 for developers, the Dev Team has confirmed that it will be possible to jailbreak with the latest version of the popular tool developed by them, RedSno0w (0.9.13 dev 3). There are, however, some important things to remember.
First, make sure you always get the beta3 of iPhone iOS and 6,

Appears in the alleged network of cart for the new iPhone Nano SIM

Nano SIM
With the recent news that many European carriers are acquiring inventory of new Nano SIM for the testing on their networks, a French blog has shown images depicting a carriage for these SIM Nano that could be used on the next iPhone 5 Apple.
The Cupertino-based company, owner of the patent approved by ETSI of this new technology Nano Bm, which will soon

Methods How to Unlock iPhone 4/4S Baseband 04.11.08

Unlock iPhone 4/4S Baseband 04.11.08
My dear readers JailbreakSet. The many attempts by hackers to the Dev team to unlock iphone 4 baseband 04.11.08  had some success, but all were blocked by apple. Apple in order to be able to earn more money. To unlock 04.11.08 there were many attempts gevey sim 4.11.08. SAM and unlock that was a week blocked by Apple. There are many practices by websites like to baseband 04.11.08 unlock, but most are just fake. Now

Insiders confirm iPhone 5 release in September [iLab's ]

iPhone 5
iPhone 5 components of the device will be a roll out in September. In order to confirm the industrial sources also rumors recently surfaced on the iPhone 5 keynote, allegedly on 12 September, will take place.
According to a new report from Apple Insider, the next-generation iPhone, which we call the iPhone Flagmen 5, rather than the iPhone 4S published last year. So give to the inside

Start of production for the 7.85-inch retina display

iPhone 5
End of this year we expect a new iPhone 5 generation, a new iPod nano and an iPad Mini. Apple-related sources are now reporting from a production start for the display of the iPad Mini. If the reports are true, this would be the first evidence for the existence of smaller iPad.
Together with the upcoming iPhone 5 is also a new iPad will be published. This, by the Media "iPad Mini" said apparatus, has a

P0sixninja, iOS hacker, to Jailbreak iPhone iOS 5.1.1 from the Chronic Dev-Team

p0sixninjaThe great hacker Joshua Hill, known in the community as p0sixninja, announced late yesterday his intention to leave the Chronic Dev-Team, a group of hackers who had created some years ago and which was, until now, considered the leader undisputed ...
His work has led, among other achievements, to Jailbreak iPhone iOS 5.1.1 through Absinthe tool, which we have