With the release of Beta 3 iOS 6 improves compatibility with Apple iPhone 3G

 iPhone iOS 6
The compatibility of the new operating system has always pushed the users of the Apple world to buy the latest product of California. In this case we talk about iPhone iOS 6, which as we informed some months ago will be compatible with the iPhone 3G, although the main new feature will be gone or incremented.Quest solution was taken from Couperin to make the iPhone third generation cheaper than the iPhone.

With the release of the third beta of iPhone iOS 6 have also been increased in the new iPhone 3G functions. Although the future operating system will be compatible with the iPhone third generation will not be introduced into the device of substantial changes. But as we said with iPhone iOS 6 Beta 3 been specifically added features that were not present in previous Beta. The news of which we speak are called VIP Mail and Streaming of photos.
Apple iPhone 3G
Apple iPhone 3G
The first function Vip Mail is new mail in your application of IOS 6, through which you can create a VIP list of contacts that we can choose to synchronize with icloud and set of privileges.

While photo sharing allows you to choose the pictures you want to show your friends, or by icloud through a normal web page. In this way if the person you know he will receive an Apple product photography or application images, for all mobile devices, while the holders of a Mac using iPhoto to display.
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