Update on the jailbreak for Apple TV 3 - Video

Apple TV 3
I know you are impatient to obtain a tool able to unlock your Apple TV 3 to third-generation or at least get some more information and given the recent comments, I try to keep you updated though to be honest, there are no big news to about.

Yesterday, the team has released an update FireCore ATV Flash 1.7 and between the various descriptions about what's
new, has seen fit to give a brief update on the jailbreak for Apple TV:
"Unfortunately, the jailbreak for the third generation Apple TV has proven to be a bit 'elusive until now. Work is still ongoing, and we'll be sure to announce any developments as they become available "
Even the well-known hacker Nito TV, via Twitter today, wanted to have his say:
"Every day there's any questions you by the owners of Apple TV 3, there is news about the jailbreak, I'm sorry"
Users of Apple TV 3 are however reassured with the promise that sooner or later the exploit to run the jailbreak will be found and officially announced. In the meantime, let me remind you that you can use different ways to take advantage of your device, there are plenty of YouTube videos (here on how to find them) you can use applications like Plex to send the contents of PC and Mac to Jailbreak Apple TV 3 with AirPlay and use Pelisalacarta (here the article) to lean on, or handy application AirParrot to send screen shots of Mac Apple Tv Do not omit the fact that Apple will release later this month entered the Mountain Lion, the new operating system that will allow you to use AirPlay in mirroring mode to Apple Tv
  1. Hi, how to Unlock My Apple TV3? it is posible , Thanks

  2. Thanks JailbreakSet for This post, to jailbreak Apple TV 2g for iOS , is wery help me


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