Tim Cook lets talk about the rumors iPhone 5

 iPhone 5
During the Q3 2012 conference, Tim Cook, Apple chief executive, has repeatedly addressed the rumors and speculation surrounding the new iPhone 5 and other Apple products.
The rumors probably refers to sites that take reference from the usual Apple to release new cards and notecards each year and anticipate the calendars of publications on the following year.

While Apple's chief financial officer, Peter Oppenheimer, looked less amused by the cost of these rumors and speculation, Tim Cook has been more pragmatic:

"We strive to keep our roadmaps secret and confidential, however that does not stop people from speculating. We can never prevent it. This is one of the great things in this country. So we will not spend energy trying to prevent this. I am happy that people expect the news. I welcome this. "
 iPhone 5
 iPhone 5
Oppenheimer think that Apple is losing money because people delay purchases in hopes that new products are coming soon, but Tim Cook is clear that Apple will make money later with the same people. More excitement they bring to the Apple brand is an essential part of marketing the Cupertino company. This is what forms the queues around the Apple Store.

Apple has released a new iPhone every year since 2007, informed buyers know that Apple is likely to announce a new generation of iPhone this year. Apple CEO does not seem upset that buyers delay their purchases today, they know they will queue up to buy a new iPhone later.

And you expect the arrival of five new iPhone or mini iPad?
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