The Russian Hacker extends the hack sull'in app purchase even on the Mac AppStore app

Borodin Russian hackers
We have seen in recent weeks as the Borodin Russian hackers has found a new method to perform a hack to consumers shopping in app purchase from Apple that allows the download of such content in a manner entirely free.
It is so turned on a battle between Apple and hackers attempting to find ways to curb this serious problem that is penalizing their own sales and those of developers, but despite
this Borovin extended the hack to applications for Mac, the whose purchases in app purchase are now available free of charge.

The hack for purchases in Appstore for OS-X uses a method very similar to that used on the IOS device that allows you to bypass the Apple server during the download of content. The system involves the installation of two local certificates, with the subsequent modification of the DNS settings of your computer so you can point your PC or Mac to the server by Borodin, who will replace the Apple servers in the verification of purchase. In the process we go for Mac also to install an app called Grim Receiper to be executed on the local machine to facilitate the process.
Appstore for OS-X
Appstore for OS-X
This procedure effectively ignores the receiving system that Apple has in place for developers and for purchases in app purchase, thus allowing the 8,460,017 transactions executed up to now according to statistics free Russian hacker.

Now we see what Apple countermoves that regard it seems that IOS can permanently solve the problem with the release of the new iPhone iOS 6.0 will happen in a few months, as regards the environment difficult for Apple Mac can already find a method for new Mountain Lion which is given out in a few days.
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