The fix for the flaw in-app purchases impossible to circumvent

flaw in-app purchases
You are surely aware of the case of in-app purchases via a free hack does not require a jailbreak [Read: The system in-app purchasing bypassed by a hacker Russian]. Apple was then quick to react, and gave developers the means to protect themselves, while claiming six IOS rule definitively the problem [read: in-app purchase: Apple provides a temporary solution,
the rule iOS 6 problem]. Alexey Borodin, the developer of the hack, was precisely looked at to see if the thing will still be possible to circumvent these new protections.
And the answer is clear: "the game is over," "the game is over"! The hacker admits that in fact adaptations of Apple have made ​​it impossible to hack again, at least not with this method: "There is no way around." However, he says he will keep the servers operational, until the release of IOS for everyone 6.
hacker Russian
hacker Russian
Indeed, it is currently the responsibility of developers to implement the advice from Apple and make their applications as invulnerable to the fault, late applications are still affected. It was only six out of IOS that will really finished, but it is still good news for developers!
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