Russian servers bypassing the in-app purchase blocked by Apple

Russian servers
We mentioned three days ago, a Russian hacker has managed to circumvent the protections of Apple regarding in-app purchases, it could be made to believe the application that he had paid for additional content, without this being the case. He even explained the procedure, it is an attack type Man-In-The-Middle [Read: The system in-app purchasing bypassed by a
hacker Russian]. Apple clearly has not (too) because it dragged already beginning to block the IP address of its servers, and, having begun throughout the weekend.
App Store
Indeed, TNW reports that the Cupertino company is currently sending complaints to web hosting, for they put the servers in question offline. PayPal has meanwhile already responded to requests for Apple, by blocking the hacker's account on which he received donations from users. Last measure, it withdrew the video showing the method at work:
 in-app purchase blocked by Apple
 in-app purchase blocked by Apple
But this is obviously is not what will stop Alexey V. Borodin, who announces that he has already moved its servers to another country to escape from Apple. Indeed, it has managed to put its first server, located in Russia, offline, but the one he uses now is "abroad". The method then continues to function, if you have already set up.
Last thing, the fears of some developers like what the server steals user data are unfounded. "Users must log off now, they do not cry on the Internet that their data is stolen, now
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