New photo of a white iPhone 5 Front emerged

iPhone 5
A sensation is this now long gone, eventually we could in the past few weeks have seen some body parts of the iPhone 5th Nevertheless, the white version of the iPhone 5-front was not yet there.
In recent weeks we have often leaked parts of the body next generation iPhone 5-to see photos. So far, lacking really onlythe front panel in white. This now provides for

This front plate (the black part is the way the back of the white front) belong to the unibody back:

The leaked photo tells us, of course, but not news. However, it confirmed everything Vorangeganene. Thus, the FaceTime camera (front camera) centered on the Lausprechergitter arranged. Rumors also presume that the FaceTime camera is first dissolved in HD.
iPhone 5-front
iPhone 5-front 
The display of the iPhone 5 will probably grow in height, making a total of 4 inches can be achieved. The new 16:9 aspect ratio is thus. The impact will be huge, especially for app developers. Most apps need this revision.
iPhone 5-to
iPhone 5-to 
Those who think the iPhone 5 in white or may not want, you can view the 3D renderings by Martin Hajek. The production of the iPhone 5 will also be already started.
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