New meetings between executives Tim Cook and Samsung for patent affair

CEOs of Apple
After a first encounter between the two CEOs of Apple and Samsung to try to reach a resolution between the parties of countless litigation relating to patents of both companies over the past two days, and Tim Cook Korean executives have again always met to discuss this issue.
The first meeting was decided by the California judge who is in any way trying to find a solution before it is extra-judicially
initiated the formal process, which would be one of the most complex ever had in technology.

The meeting between executives Tim Cook and Samsung zung Choi Gee-Shin Jong-kyun and would take place on 16 July and as said the purpose of this meeting was to put an end to the battles from a legal standpoint that the two companies have in place throughout the world. According to the Korea Times, the meeting appears to have resulted in a small step forward compared to the positions initials, this mainly to the fact that the two companies in addition to being rivals on the market, the trading partners are also very thick.
Tim Cook and Samsung zung Choi Gee-Shin Jong-kyun
Tim Cook and Samsung zung Choi Gee-Shin Jong-kyun 
In fact, Samsung produces most of the processors, memory and LCD that are used on mobile devices such as Apple's iPhone and iPad. At the moment we do not know what they have solved the two companies in this second meeting, and especially if they come to an agreement between the parties. Perhaps we'll know something more on 30 July when the process will start on American soil.
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