The new iPhone 5 reproduced in a prototype appeared online

iPhone 5
Important day today with regard to rumors on the new Apple iPhone 5, after several news and images related to alleged pieces of this device will now appear images that portray the complete block of the new Apple device.

This product seems to be a very crude prototype, made ​​with
quality materials and that could mean that their production may have been a manufacturer of accessories that use as a template. In this body are presneti But all the rumors and seen so far on the net for the first time we see the glass front of this new model of iPhone 5.
Apple iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 5
Interesting to note that product are the main rumors seen so far, also reported on this product, you start from the same size with the height greater than that used previously and clearly visible in comparison with the iPhone 4S. In addition to this we see the front glass will complete the space diagonal display close to 4 inches, the headphone jack moved to the bottom of each device, the new speaker with wide upper and more central position and finally the new dock connector with reduced number of pins that will be introduced for the first time right on the iPhone 5.
iPhone 4S
iPhone 4S
The general design still reminiscent of the iPhone 4S, enough to make it look like this new update is not a revolutionary product in the past. Apple seems to maintain its strategy of updates in small steps over the competition that runs the update more radical.
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