Mobile operators are testing the Nano SIM in collaboration with Apple

Nano SIMIt is the beginning of the week the news that European mobile operators are accumulating Nano SIM in the hope that this technology will be integrated into the iPhone 5. The new Apple smartphone should be thinner, so you may need to use them, since the Nano SIM occupy 40% less space than current Micro SIM!

As you know, the proposal for the Apple Nano SIM was chosen last month by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute as an industry standard, after weeks of relentless battle between Apple on one side and Nokia, Motorola and Research In Motion on the other.
A new report released on the last evening says that Apple is providing some SIM Nano to its operator partners, so they can test them on existing devices before the launch of the next iPhone, we know just as well be in the fall.

Here's an excerpt from the report:

 Nano SIM
 Nano SIM
Many mobile operators have announced that they had received some SIM Nano from Apple, so check their operation on their networks and test them on devices currently available, so be ready at launch of new iPhone.

In the picture below, from left: Nano SIM, SIM card and Micro Standard:

Micro SIM
Micro SIM
Another thing to consider: the Micro SIM had to wait five years before appearing on the iPhone 4. However, the manufacturer of SIM Giesecke & Devrient this time will not be blocked by bureaucracy, noting (with an obvious reference to Apple), that the adoption of Nano SIM will be led by a supplier.
The company also believes that we will see very soon, giving the hope that will debut on the very next iPhone, which then could be the first smartphone to adopt the Nano SIM, just like the iPhone 4 was the first to use the Micro SIM.
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