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The lock screen is a section of the iDevice which is already very rich tweak dedicated, so that continues to be one of the most popular! As with the tweak that I present to you today, LockWee, a tweak that will allow us to add widgets to the LockScreen, and access by swiping your finger on the clock!

LockWee install a dedicated menu in Settings. There are
options for changing shading and edges of the widget, or to prevent the lock screen is dark automatically, or again, to lock certain widget in the main position.
Cydia here Lockwee
Cydia here Lockwee
The widget can be activated or deactivated always tweak the settings. It can enable more widgets at a time, which will position itself in the area of the watch.

Now I leave to the usual video-review:

Lockwee costs $ 0.99, can be found in the BigBoss repository. WARNING: IntelliScreen is not compatible with X.
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