iTypeWriter: the sound of a typewriter for your iPhone

 Cydia developer
If you follow the news a little Mac, you may have heard of a little program called Noisy Typer, since it has rather been about him. The principle is simple iTypeWriter, it runs in the background and insert the sound of a typewriter every time you press a keyboard key, ideal for fans!
That surely has given ideas to Cydia developer, one in
particular who simply chose to adapt the software to IOS, as the iTypeWriter. Demonstration video:
Same principle so that the computer version above, whenever you tap a key on the keyboard, the sound attached to it is played. If the differences between the wrap and a letter for example, is easily remarkable that between two letters is much more subtle, but existing! In settings, you can choose to enable / disable the tweak, and choose whether you want the key press is accompanied by a vibration of the device. You can get the tweak now, for $ 0.99 on the source ModMyi.
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