iPhone 5, iPad Mini iPod nano and presentation on 12 September

iPhone 5 and iPod mini
If the sources of iMORE be right, so could the new generation of iPhone 5 and iPod mini, and the small iPad early September, will be presented. One week after the keynote to the iPhone 5 even go on sale.
A new report from iMORE claims that they have received more detailed information about an upcoming Apple Keynote from internal sources. According to Apple to introduce a new
presentation on the next-generation iPhone, a new iPod nano and a smaller model called the iPad iPad Mini.
The sources continue to report that sales of the iPhone 5 (or as the device may also mean always) from 21 September to start. This rollout will take place just over a week after the presentation, on 12 September, will take place. A rollout for the iPad Mini and the iPod nano called iMORE not.
iPhone 5
iPhone 5
These new, precise information go hand in hand with all the previous rumors pointing to a release in September. Also, the recently emerged information on the production launch of the iPhone 5 at Foxconn and Pegatron suggest a release in early September. From production to Foxconn also has a fully assembled iPhone were leaked his fifth The production of the iPad Mini should be started long ago in Brazil.
The new information can of course only count on the rumors. So far, e.g. the iPod nano, too Sogut as unknown. He is supposed to get a touch screen and the iPod touch are similar.
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