iPhone 5: Demand is already skyrocketing, data in hand!

iPhone 5
A recent article published by ChangeWare suggests a possible launch date of iPhone 5 September 21, also revealed that interest in purchasing the new Apple smartphone is already sky high, so that easily surclasserà sales of all models iPhone earlier. Gene Munster was right when he called the iPhone 5 "mother of all updates"!

The statistical estimates with respect to purchases of smart phones also show a wait for the launch of the Unlock iPhone 5 much higher than that recorded in the nine months before the iPhone 4S. This can only mean one thing: people want the iPhone 5 ... to die for!
iPhone 5
iPhone 5 
Do not forget that the iPhone 5 will be the first iPhone model was released after the death of Steve Jobs, took place on October 5. It is therefore understandable that people attribute an emotional value to what will go down in history as the latest model of Apple's iPhone that Jobs has participated actively during the development phase.
iPhone 5
iPhone 5 
Research firm ChangeWave, Division of Research 451, interviewed 4,042 consumers between 18 and 25 June. Respondents were asked to express their intent regarding the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy SIII 5 hours or iPhone when it ships. Samsung and Apple continue to dominate sales (and pre-sales) smartphone.

The interviews revealed that 14% of respondents most likely buy the iPhone 5, 17% are willing to purchase but is not yet entirely sure. To make a direct comparison, the iPhone 4S had registered for these applications, respectively 10 and 11%, 5%.

In summary:

The main finding that emerged from the survey, data in hand, the unprecedented level of demand that is already attracting the next generation iPhone.

Fortune has also touched on the subject:

The great wave of requests for the iPhone 5 will have serious implications for the rest of the industry, with a number of smartphone manufacturers of medium quality range at risk for collapse next year.
Unlike Apple and Samsung, the demand for Motorola phones (4%, down 2%) and HTC (3%, unchanged) continues to stagnate, while RIM (2%, unchanged) is locked to a historical low.
For Nokia the other hand we have seen a slight increase (2%). Not much, in fact, demand has risen by one point compared to March, however, is a positive sign for the Lumia and the strategic partnership with Microsoft.
Samsung has just announced it has sold 10 million Galaxy S III 55 days after its release. It was also driven by more than 9 million pre-orders came from a hundred mobile operators, making it the best selling electronic gadget in history.
iPhone 5
iPhone 5 
The iPhone 4S, which sold four million units (including pre-orders) during the week-end launch of Apple's smartphone is considered the most successful in the history of Apple.

You will gain the next iPhone? Have your say!
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