iPhone 5: Apple It may be presented on August 7!

iPhone 5
Last year, Apple has changed the refresh cycle of its most popular product, the iPhone 5. Instead of presenting a new model in the summer, as he had done in previous years, he waited until October to reveal to the public the iPhone 4S ...

According to leading industry blogs and sites, it is very likely that it will happen again this year with the highly anticipated
iPhone 5. However, as stated by a curious report issued yesterday, the new iPhone 5 could be presented much earlier, on August 7th!

Here is an excerpt from the message of Know Your Mobile:

A reliable source who wishes to remain anonymous, was informed by people inside Apple that the iPhone 5 will be presented at a public event on 7 August.
Obviously, this news is to be taken with a grain of salt. Apple has never presented two smartphone models over 12 months. There is a very simple reason for this: while most of the countries offering the iPhone with contracts exceeding one year in the U.S. they are 12 months, just to allow subscribers to update their phone.

Typically this update by subscribers is the first weekend of distribution of a model. So why should Apple launch new iPhone in June? The fact would make it unable to purchase all subscribers still under contract with the iPhone 4S for the first two months on release of the iPhone 5, which we know to be a time of vital importance for any product!
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