iPhone 4S: The 5 main complaint from owners

iPhone 4S:
FixYa, a community of online technical support, has published during the past weekend an interesting survey of the 5 most frequent problems reported by users regarding the most popular smartphones. Let's find out the details!
The data come from over 25 million users and 650 000 expert. The report covers the three most popular and technologically advanced phones of the moment: iPhone 4S, Nokia and
Samsung Lumia 900 Galaxy SIII.

As regards the iPhone 4S, the first 5 problems are:

  • Battery life - 45%
  • Unable to connect to Wi-Fi - 20%
  • Bluetooth - 15%
  • Problems with the Syrians - 10%
  • Other - 10%
In reality there are no big surprises. The iPhone 4S has always been singled out for its poor battery life. Despite the charge lasts much longer than many competitors, it is definitely worse than the iPhone 4!

The problem with Wi-Fi has already been extensively studied and documented. Surely influence the iPhone 4S, the new iPad and other IOS devices. Regarding the Bluetooth, it appears as a novelty.

Perhaps most interesting is the fact that only 10% of complaints concern Siri iPhone 4S. Apple has been sued by many iPhone owners 4S, who argue that the assistant voice is not as efficient as it is in many commercials.

Here are the standings of the 5 most common problems on the Samsung Galaxy SIII:

  • Malfunction of the microphone - 50%
  • Battery life - 15%
  • Excessive heating of the device - 15%
  • Problems connecting to the Internet - 10%
  • Other - 10%

Finally it is up to Nokia Lumia 900:

  • Purple color of the display - 25%
  • Problems with button Camera - 20%
  • Can not find the applications - 20%
  • Battery life - 20%
  • Other - 15%
Sometimes you can tell more about a device by analyzing its faults, rather than its features!
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