iOS 6 beta 3 expires on September 30

iOS 6 beta 3
The little ritual that takes place every output of a new beta version comes again to achieve, namely several hackers and developers who communicate Cydia on their Twitter expiration date of the version in question. IOS and like 6 beta 3 has just been put online [Read: iOS 6 beta 3 is available], it is as often iH8sn0w that we communicate through a tweet:

He announces that "the beta 3 release today iOS 6 (10A535d) expires September 30, 2012, at 20h IS." Time is indicated relative to IS, which gives 4 hours difference. iOS 6 beta 3 will thus expire at midnight.
 iOS 6 (10A535d) expires September 30, 2012
 iOS 6 (10A535d) expires September 30, 2012
Just a reminder, as usual, this expiration date is in fact an expiry date of a beta version. In fact, if you have not upgraded to the next beta, that is to say the beta 4, or perhaps the official version of IOS 6, before that date, your device will be temporarily disabled and you can not use it before it was restored and then updated. Nothing too serious, for sure, but an OTA update is so much easier and faster!
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