iFunBox: an alternative to iTunes for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

iFunbox is software that allows you to connect and explore its iDevice but also installs an application IPA format.
Fast to use, this software lets you make the most of your iDevice it is jailbroken or not, in this case only access to files from the media side of your iDevice is possible. Small precision: it is necessary to install OpenSSH in the case of a
jailbreak with redsn0w or Absinthe.

In the present case as a Limera1n jailbreak, you should install the package afc2 add to have root access from a USB connection.
iTunes for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
iTunes for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
If necessary, you can install on your iDevice tweak App links allowing you easier access to the files of applications from the App Store if you need to change a file for example.

iFunbox is available for Mac and Windows:

Mac version.
Windows version.
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