@ iCloud.com mail addresses with iOS 6 release in the fall

With the release of the new iOS 6 beta 3 Apple announced new e-mail addresses to its users. All icloud users therefore have the opportunity to register eigene@iCloud.com-Adressen. They should also alten@me.com-Adressen are automatically converted into the new icloud addresses.
Once the final version of IOS 6 in the autumn of this year is published, all icloud users will have the opportunity to create
their own e-mail account with the Endung@iCloud.com. This insight comes from the release notes of iOS 6 Beta 3, which was released Monday evening:
" icloud.com email addresses are now available for icloud mail users. 

Users of signing up for new Apple ID, or enabling their mail on icloud account for the first time, will automatically receive icloud email address instead of a me.com email address. icloud users with me.com addresses that have been used with iOS 6 beta 3 will receive on icloud email address that matches their me.com address. "
As is evident from the Releaes notes, all me.com addresses are automatically converted into icloud-mail addresses. The old-me.com addresses are expected to remain there still. Anything else would be totally annoying for all users. Apple commented on this but not yet.
So far, the use of neuen@icloud.com-Mails is also available to registered developers have not even possible. This feature is only published with the final version of IOS 6th
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