How to Reset iOS 6 Password if I have Forgotten to your iPhone

iOS 6 Cydia
If you have forgotten your password, provide most of the portals a way to reset it. IOS offers this feature, however. The Cydia App plan B but now you have a second opportunity to get access to your iPhone, even if you should ever have forgotten the password.
If you forget the password of his mobile phone, this is more than annoying. Finally, in this case are simply a lot of personal data
away. In order to avoid this problem out of the way, developed the IOS developer Gil Ben Moshe's new Cydia app called Plan B. With Plan B asks you iOS in an emergency after two questions, the correct answer to give you also have access to the smartphone.
Plan B iOS 6
Plan B iOS 6
These questions you may have a private tab in the settings to configure IOS itself. Here you can enter both questions and both answers. In this course you should make sure that only you can really answer the two questions correctly. Furthermore, be sure to check case-insensitive. These will be included in the review.
Plan B
Plan B
At the normal password entry process changes Plan B no. However, the button on the LockScreen, which grants you access to the alternate machine is not really attractive. Future updates of this Plan B will hopefully improve.
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