First Nano SIM card tests for the iPhone 5

nano-SIM cards
Not only European carrier to equip themselves with the new nano-SIM cards that have been recently adopted as an international standard. U.S. mobile operator to perform initial tests reportedly in cooperation with Apple. Will the iPhone 5, the first device with the tiny nano-SIMs?
According to BGR currently test all the major network operators, the new nano-SIM cards in cooperation with Apple. A few days
ago was also announced that European mobile operators store more nano-SIM cards in preparation for the iPhone 5 release.

Multiple sources have carrier Exclusively told BGR that Apple is Supplying nano-SIM adapter so its carrier partners can test how nano-SIMs work on their networks in a standard test devices before they are widely deployed when the new iPhone is introduced. This includes AT & T.
Despite the rumors is not known whether the new international standard SIM in the iPhone 5 really is used. Would be unlikely but not the. Finally, Apple developed the nano-SIM standard, and this was before the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to successfully compete sim design from Nokia, Motorola, RIM, etc. . enforce
 store more nano-SIM
 store more nano-SIM
However: the iPhone 5 Should really use the nano-SIM standard, so Apple would have played for high stakes. Finally fixed the use of a standard SIM realtiv already early in the development phase of a smartphone. Apple's nano-SIM, however, was only the beginning of June adopted as an international standard. According to rumors, the iPhone in late June 5, however, have gone into production.

Rumors suggested in recent months on internal testing of two different iPhone 5 models. Perhaps one of them had a Mircro sim and the other is a nano-SIM?

As soon as we get more information on the iPhone 5, we will inform you, as always, right above it. In any case, all network operators are preparing now with enough new SIM card, so that there are delivery problems should not. Follow us quickly via Facebook, so as not to miss out on!
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