Facebook SDK 3.0 beta released, with features for iOS 6

Facebook for iOS 6
Facebook today released a beta version of the SDK 3.0 for IOS. It is the biggest update ever and includes features to Facebook integration to take place in iOS 6. The development kit also offers improved support for Facebook APIs. But most developers will look forward to the 6-IOS integration. Once iOS 6 released this fall, developers can benefit from it. They can seamlessly link their apps with all Facebook services such as
logging in with a Facebook account or posting messages. By selecting 'Login with Facebook "option, developers can ensure that even for users with IOS IOS 4.x and 5.x cooperation between apps and Facebook goes smoothly.
Concurrent with the new beta version of the SDK, Facebook opened a new website for developers. There you will find information on tools and other tools you have available to you as a developer. You'll learn how you can create social applications for iOS, which of course particular attention is paid to the integration with Facebook. There is a "getting started guide, a lot of documentation and some example code to learn how to make an application and continue to develop.
Facebook APIs
Facebook APIs
In iOS 6 is ensured tight integration with Facebook. Because once through the Settings app you Facebook information to fill out other apps, you can easily post to Facebook data or information from Facebook read. iOS 6 is currently being tested by developers and is in the autumn of 2012 for everyone.
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