The control panel for windows iCloud 2.0 is available for developers

iCloud 2.0
Apple has provided developers to release the new control panel for icloud users who use Windows, so that even those not using a Mac can now get access to these services icloud directly from your home computer.
Who wants to use these features of icloud also on your desktop or laptop with Windows operating system will proceed with installing a special software called the Control Panel icloud
version 2.0. The software is free of blame directly from the Apple site and you will have access to notes, events calendar, contacts and email, using a simple Internet connection.
Control Panel icloud version 2.0.
Control Panel icloud version 2.0.
Recently, after submission of IOS 6 services have been expanded with the introduction of the Streaming Photo sharing, which lets you share your photos with other users. Let's see what are the features in version 2.0:
  • Photo Stream we mentioned above and allows the sharing of photographs;
  • create or reply to an invitation from the calendar through Microsoft Outlook;
  • new invitation to events;
  • notifications for events in the calendar;
  • solving problems encountered in previous versions;
  • reliability of the items synchronized via the icloud;
  • access to the site directly from the Windows Start menu or Control Panel icloud.
This is the version that developers can use Apple, others will have to wait for the final version of the software.
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