Come further details on the release of the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and new iPod Touch.

Following the rumors came out this morning on the possible release of the iPhone 5 and iPadMini to September, iLounge now offers some additional details on asituazione. In the article we published this morning, we reported the possibility of seeing the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini first time, instead of October, they might come at the end of September, to be precise 21.

Let the situation:

The Next iPhone will be available in mid-September as reported by iMore
Cover will be released for the new new iPhone 5, the first is the classic Bumper and another will have additional features like a stand, and both will be available after launch.
iPod Touch will be released with the iPhone, likely with a resolution of 1136 × 640.
New iPod Nano. There were no details, but according to rumors will be longer.
IPad Mini 7.85 inch with the new 19-pin dock connector and will be available in November, just in time for Christmas (but will be announced in September, perhaps). Apple is working on SmrtCover for iPad Mini, which sounds very much like the current ones by 9.7 inches for the iPad.
iPhone 5
iPhone 5
Finally, and probably less sure, Apple will update the full line of iPad particularly in size with a slimmer design in less than a year after the release of the new iPad. The design of the iPad will be optimized with a new microphone on the back side and a slimmer design and less hot.
The current plan for the fourth generation of Apple iPad is to issue a new design with relatively small modest modificeh, which would retain the shape fundamentally the same, introducing the new Dock Connector smaller one on the rear of the microphone, and some changes hardware. The back side of the microphone may help to reduce noise and improve sound quality when recording with a video camera back, and apparently will be equal to that found on the iPhone 5, between the camera and flash; The prototype of 'iPad Mini seems to have a microphone on the back. Finally, iLounge says that everything could be released in one big event or could be distributed at different times.
iPad 4
iPad 4
The Release Date of the next iPad is a big question mark right now. As noted, Apple could hold a special event just to announce the 7.85-inch tablet, while Apple may be ready to update the iPad. iLounge notes that would make more sense to see a new iPad in 2013.

Of course the rumors are always interesting. But I imagine that many users would be disappointed to see that their iPad, after only a few months, would have the old model. So everything has to be confirmed, we have no certainty, as always, this news should be taken with due caution.

Source - iLounge
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