Can not view YouTube videos on your iPhone? How to fix it

YouTube video embedded
It does not even want you to throw your iPhone against the wall when you can not see a YouTube video embedded in a page? If you encounter this problem constantly, it may be that your app YouTube has been hidden by a tweak from Cydia installed, or that have been activated the restrictions, which do not affect tral'altro and are unaffected by the Jailbreak.

If you've ever, you'll definitely see on your display image like the one you see above. The same video plays on the YouTube site but the page that has been built. Here's how to fix it!

Jailbreak apps like SBSettings Springtomize 2 or, using the library Poof, they can hide from the Home screen, select the Applications icon.

1. See if you can find the YouTube application on the Home screen.

2. If you can not view the YouTube icon, open the application you used to hide the icon and re-enable the visibility of YouTube.

3. Restart the browser you use and visit a web page with an embedded video (you may use this article as a test). Then verify that the video knows viewable.

If your iPhone is Jailbroken, or if the first method did not work, use this guide:
Applications icon
Applications icon
1. Open the Settings and go to General> Restrictions.

2. Verify that the key corresponding to the Application is YouTube enabled.

3. Try to view a web page with an embedded video.

Here are the two guides shown on video (which can also be used as a test of display), made ​​by the team iDownloadBlog:

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