BookLock will block in the Favorites home screen! - [Cydia]

BookLock will block
How many times have you mistakenly deleted one of your favorite websites from your Home screen of your iPhone iOS device? If there has already happened, then BookLock, new tweak available on Cydia, is definitely for you!
Unfortunately, the developer of BookLock considered that this feature should not be free, then tweak costs $ 1.00 in the
BigBoss repository. Honestly I think it is an exaggerated price for a function so simple, so my advice is to be careful what you delete, or if you want to be sure not to take that risk, to try a free version of the tweak!
I know that is a small fee per se, but this is a matter of principle, I do not understand how the developer can charge money for something so simple and be at peace with himself. I know and you know they are always on the side of developers and the work they do, but this case is really over the top!

BookLock - Video

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