Apple will offer adapters for the iPhone 5 Dock Connector

iPhone 5
The present new evidence from the sources iMORE's seem a little surprising: Apple is supposed to provide an adapter for the new, smaller 19-pin connector. However, this is probably not included with the next-generation iPhone.
Many sources report that the next generation iPhone 5 will be equipped with a small dock connector. Thus, the large 30-pin
connector to a 19-pin connector is being replaced. As Reuters yesterday confirmed that the space savings made ​​possible by the smaller Dock Connector to install a headphone jack at the bottom of the iPhone.
A scaled-Connector is long overdue. The 30-pin design is finally out of date over. Apple dared to date not a replacement of the terminal. Finally, are incompatible in this case, all existing accessories. Many external devices, however, certainly be connected via an adapter.
 iPhone 5 delivery.
 iPhone 5 delivery.
One such adapter confirmed now the sources of iMORE, which also heralded as the first source of the 19-pin connector for the iPhone 5 th But even with such a lot of accessories like adapters are not compatible. Finally, many have no place among iPhone accessories and supplies.
Apple will probably not attach this adapter but the iPhone 5 delivery. Looking at current adapter from Apple, it will cost the new 19-pin to 30 pin adapter around 10-15 €
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