Apple to implement Wireless Charging for the iPhone 4S

iPhone Charging Wireless.
If you are still waiting for Apple to implement wireless charging for the iPhone, you'll have plenty of time to wait! For years now we hear about this technology, but in five generations of the smartphone, it has not yet arrived. However, if we know with electronics, you can equip it, yourself, your iPhone Charging Wireless.
As you can see from the image above, Tanveer, blogger and
expert in electronics and modding, there are already successful! He bought a block for charging Wireless and installed it inside his iPhone 4S. Now, to charge its iPhone, just place it on a USB cradle for recharging without wires.
Tanveer has used the charger Powermat, but it may be that the same hack should be done by using components from other manufacturers. What does "anger" is that unfortunately this is not a hack for all. Need patience, knowledge of the inner workings of an iPhone, the ability to disassemble, reassemble and weld.
Once you have all these things, you also need a rear panel iPhone parts, a spare dock connector port, a few strands of very thin diameter and internal accessories Charging Wireless. Then we proceed with the welding of the wires to the pins 16, 23, 25, and 27 of the new connection port of the charger.
Once soldered the wires, they are then connected to the wireless receiver that will position themselves inside the iPhone. The pin 16 is connected to 0V/terra, the pin 23 to +5 V, pin 25 to-date and pin 27 to + date.

Here is the entire procedure shown in a video produced by the same Tanveer:
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