Apple 4 million records sold since the beginning years of Apple TV

Apple TV
The Apple device that classifies as "Hobby" is Californian record company give yourself the sales should not be overlooked. Even if the big bucks come from the usual iPhone and iPad, Cupertino devices with which derives the most revenue. The 4 million Apple TV sold beginning year is not a result that does not attract attention.

Numbers that if we achieved a minimum compared with Google TV, launched over a year ago, has managed to record only 1 million units sold. As if we examine only the last quarter, a period which has sold 1.3 million units, Apple has exceeded sales of Microsoft's console known as Xbox 360.
Apple TV
Apple TV
When an analyst asked Tim Cook to know what the future of Apple TV, the famous CEO has answered this way:
We are dedicated to Apple TV because we think we can lead somewhere. 4 million pieces a few are not. There are many people who believe.
We believe in the development of new projects and we work on it. So it was with Apple TV. However, despite the barriers in that market, for those of us who use it, we always thought it was something important. Those who own one at this moment, I am fully satisfied with the product.
If you do not have one, you should think about buying a product because it is really cool.
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